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Heritage in the Limelight: Magic Lantern

Part of a larger research project I have been brought on multiple time to be a part of the editing of Dr Martyn Jolly's Magic Lantern's and filming of live performances.

'The Australian Research Council has funded a $260,000 three year Discovery Project to be led by Dr Martyn Jolly, Head of Photography and Media Arts. Called 'Heritage in the limelight: the magic lantern in Australia and the world', the project aims to discover and analyse the large number of glass magic lantern slides that remain under-used in our public collections. International scholarship has recently begun to show that lantern slide shows were a ubiquitous, globalised and formative cultural experience. The project aims to explore the international reach and diversity of this globalised modernist apparatus from the Australian perspective. It plans to understand how diverse audiences affectively experienced these powerful forms of early media, and to develop ways for today’s Australians to re-experience their magic, invigorating and expanding our cultural heritage.' Dr Martyn Jolly awarded ARC funding for magic lantern Discovery Project

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