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Pollen 2019, Multi-channel installation

Just as we have connections to people, we also have connections to locations. How we interact with the world around us is shaped by who we are and these connections we form. Separation can both strengthen and weaken a connection. My ties to my home in Australia have become more prominent due to the physical distance of being in the US. These ties become reflected within my work.


A tree, the sky, the leaves, a grassy patch, it is all recognisable as a part of nature. However, to some the type of tree will be unknown, and further yet the exact location is obscured. What I show in my work Pollen reveals particular imagery, recognisable to myself and other Australians but to others may only have a sense of another place. How the viewer connects depends on the viewer’s home and travels. One might yearn for a place they wish to be. Another might only see scenes depicting the natural world. The framing is changed, images glitched, perspective is distorted, nothing is part of our actual surroundings. They are all reminders that what we are seeing does not belong here.

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