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Project Banaba

Katerina Teaiwa is an Associate Professor of Pacific Studies at the Australian National University. Teaiwa is an academic and artist of Banaban hertiage. Located in the Pacific Ocean is the small island Banaba, a place that was mined for its phosphate creating a devastating impact on the islands food and natural resources. Teaiwa has been working on this personal project for several years with research occur before Project Banaba was even conceived. In 2017 Katerina Teaiwa was commissioned by Carriageworks to create her work that she curated with Yuki Kihara. 

The installation of Project Banaba includes a range of media including archival photographs, print, typography, and video. The 3-channel video work is made up of archival and contemporary footage. For the project I was brought on to help with the filming of contemporary footage and editing of the 3-channel video work. 

Please note that the final video work is currently unavailable for viewing online.

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