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Snowy: Stories from former workers and families of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme

This is a collection of ten stories of seven ex-workers, two lifelong employees and a child of a Snowy worker that tells their stories of courage, resilience and adventure.

This project was a partnership between PhotoAccess, Gens S Stories, Woden Community Service and Snowy Hydro. The participants were given the opportunity to tell their stories through ken burns style videos with photos from the National Archive of Australia. Each participant got the chance to edit their own videos while having a team including myself available to help them learn the software. Near the end of the project I was then in charge of fixing any errors, cleaning up the visuals and audio, creating captions, and replacing images that we were still waiting permission for. 

At the end of the end the videos premiered at the Palace Electric Cinema and is available in full length below through the Woden Community Service YouTube account.

"Snowy," PhotoAccess 

"Sharing Snowy Stories," Snowy Hydro

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