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Welcome to Wonderland 2017, Supercut 1920 x1080px, 3:27 min

Welcome to Wonderland is a supercut that focuses on the theme of new worlds, lands and experiences, this theme is common in family movies with two of the most well known examples being Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz.


The video is made up of three segments, shown in the order they frequently occur in films. Part one involves the characters getting the chance to go somewhere new, whether they know it or not, part two the character's reaction upon their discovery, and finally the reveal of what they've seen. Many films will have these shots shown consecutively but others involve their chance to explore early on and the reveal not occurring until later, however since their decision to leave at the start is important some examples have still been included.

Throughout the process of creating this work the realisation that, while not exclusively, animated movies make up a huge portion of these films that explore new worlds and adventures. This is not to say that this does not occur in movies for mature audiences but that the sense of adventure is something that all ages fantasise about.

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