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Bury Your Gaysr 2016, Supercut 2048 x1080px, 2:33 min

Bury Your Gays, is a supercut that explores the trope of the same name. An outdated trope that was created during a time where being queer was a punishable offence in Western society. This trope is still used in media today, many creators are unaware of it's context and use it in an attempt to please those who want representation while wishing to not isolate viewers who are not as pleased with seeing queer, gay, lesbian or trans characters. Some shows are in better positions, such as The L Word or Orange is the New Black, having more than two queer characters so character deaths have less of an impact, but it is still important to understand where they fit in. However many shows only have one or two queer characters, often in a relationship with each other,  so by killing even one person, half of the 

representation disappears. As for the characters include there are a lot more I could have included a lot more from the time period I have focused on.  As for those that are killed in some shows they may be the only queer women or queer character.

A Brief History of the Trope

During the 1950s lesbian pulp fiction became popular and while they were allowed to be mass produced there were still certain restriction on what was deemed moral. Often lesbians characters committed suicide, were deemed insane or ended up being straight all along. Lesbian characters could not have happy endings. As a trope this transferred over to television and while there is no restrictions on having queer characters, contemporary media does not exist outside it's historical context.


The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris Zabriskie

Character Included (Chronological Order)

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